PEI Politics, Oh My!!!!!Back to Basics

I’m having some difficulty understanding Island politics? Just over a year ago we had a plebiscite on the issue of proportional representation. The vote carried the wishes of the people to change the system to PR. The premier, Wade MacLauchlan, decided to ignore the vote (plebiscites are not binding) saying the percentage of the vote was not high enough!  An amazing 37% voted for PR. MacLauchlan won a majority government with 39%. Some sixty percent of islanders vote other than Liberal yet we still have the liberals in power and First Past The Post in place. If its left up to the liberals it will remain so. Now, how about the two hopefuls running for the leadership of the provincial PC party. James Aylward and Brad Trivers, both are working the island for votes. Attending all the usual strawberry festivals etc etc. Photo ops abound at this time of year on PEI. I have never attempted to run for election in politics, but if I were to do so, I think I’d want something important to promote. Hey!!! what about Proportional Representation? That would be great subject to push. After all, whoever becomes the leader of the PC’s, having 37% of islanders almost certainly voting for you would be a great start. But only if you were to champion the system of PR. Guest what, neither candidates have even mentioned the subject, at least not that I have heard of. It makes me wonder if the Liberals and the PC’s are not just one and the same, just different party colours. Brad Trivers promotes a slogan of back to basics, well if we change from red to blue in the next election I guess we will see the usual basic changes. The liberal patronage appointees will run for cover, while the PC supporters will be awaiting their new patronage appointments. Is that what Brad means by back to the basics??????? I will stop here, although there are many other topics the PC candidates are ignoring, heard anything from them about PNP????

God Bless and keep reading

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