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Do you remember some of the people who ran this service station in Charlottetown???
Thanks Deanna

I wrote about this building back in 2013, wrote to the Mayor of Charlottetown, no response wrote the Planning Dept, no response. In fact the only person who took the time to contact me, was Catharine Hennessey. You can read my original letter below, then have a look at what if anything has changed??????

September 9th 2013

You might remember a few weeks ago I emailed the mayor of Charlottetown, but received no response. I emailed the Planing Committee, but they ignored me too. I was suggesting the old Irving service station should be saved as a piece of the city’s history. The only people to show any interest in my idea was Catherine Hennessey and MLA Bush Dumville.
I think this shows the clear apathy and lack of imagination with in government circles, both provincial and city. If we look at the more recent attempts to promote the island as a tourist destination, all have had mediocre results at best. How many times have we changed the provincial license plates? How much has been spent first creating and then promoting  island golf courses as a major destination? How about the inane idea of giving away I pads or I pods (not sure which), how this would promote tourism escapes me!! However dare to suggest we need a provincial museum and we get a swift response, can’t afford it. Our dept of tourism has no vision of the future, they merely throw money away hiring ad companies hoping they will come up with a winner. The latest plan is to wine and dine a bunch of journalists specializing in world travel. This is at a cost of over $300.000 with the hope some of these people might give mention to the island in their writings.
None of the above is ever going to improve tourism on the island, We should be asking why we let the most famous tourist attraction slip through our fingers? Rainbow Valley lost forever. Yes we do have Green Gables and that is a strong draw, but recently Parks Canada wanted to reduce the hours of operation. The island is rich in history but that is what we are seriously lacking in. Visitors look for historic sites, Province House is good but there is not much else. Some years ago I had friend visit from Ireland, I  took him to Fort Amherst. There was a couple of small digs taking place and a video presentation at the centre. As we left my friend turn to me and said “you know, there is nothing there but they have made it interesting”. That was due to the very knowledgeable staff on the site. Why can’t the government use the Founders Hall as the Provincial Museum, it has clearly flopped in its present role. Why can’t we help Murray River restore their train station, why is it we can’t seem to save what we have and promote it??
History Folks, I believe that is the answer to tourism, the visitors from the tour ships would flock to see interesting buildings and sites. Finally the mayor and his council should stop complaining about no one coming to the down town core and bring the Farmers market back. These are simply ideas and I’m certainly no expert, but then I don’t see any experts working for the city or for tourism either.
Just my thoughts for the new week, wonder if the tourist operators are happy with the results this year?????
God Bless and keep reading


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