Legion Continue to Award Fake medals (Stolen Valour)

Legion Medals Galore!!!!!

Queens Sapphire Jubilee Medal (NOT)

“AWARD” is proud to announce the striking of the Commemorative Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee Medal which has been struck to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the HM the Queen’s reign; the first time this has been achieved by a British monarch. The design is a celebration of her reign, detailing the plants that represent the United Kingdom and medal ribbon reflecting the gleaming beauty of a blue sapphire. . THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ISSUE OF THE MEDAL. We are delighted to offer an exclusive opportunity to apply and purchase the medal for those who have served or are currently serving for Crown and Country.

Azpïraté Johnson‎Vets Take Back the Legion



This pic just came across my desk. Legionaires giving themselves fake medals again. Manatoulin Island in the summer. They are pinning the “queens sapphire jubilee medal.” Its fake. Some company that makes commemorative medals is making it. It is NOT authorized for wear by UK military or Canada. So shouldn’t be on the left. But hey this dude probably has too many legion medals on the right.


Bill Blaney
8:04am Sep 15
Um, if you have to BUY it, its not a medal its a decoration plain and simple.
Probably their all knowing Sgt.At Arms for Alberta NWT Command of the RCL to go along with this knowledge of flags and fake uniforms. lol

This is today’s typical legion practice,  associates are not real veterans but hey!!! with these posh medals we look like real veterans. Anyway, we can buy as many as we like. They make us look great and the public think we are the real deal

Its interesting to note in the four legion members photographs (all associate or at least three of the five are)  with this blog they are wearing a total of Thirty Five (35) medals between them and that’s just the ones I was able to see and count. None of these medals have been awarded for military service!

Shame on Dominion Command for not supporting blood relatives to wear deceased family members actual medals on Remembrance day, Of Course they offer their tried and tested REASON— it dilutes the value of the medal????????? EH??? But you can buy these pretend medals for only $25 ea plus postage

God Bless and keep reading


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One Response to Legion Continue to Award Fake medals (Stolen Valour)

  1. Tom Eagles and the rest of his MINIONS have absolutely No SHAME. Ask Tom Eagles why he did not wear his tin medallions at last years Royal Scottish Legion PERHAPS it was because the British and Scottish Legions DO NOT RECOGNISE them. A farce these damn Social misfits are allowed to Vote and hold positions of authority. S H A M E O N T H E S E P H O N E Y
    W A R R I O R S. Who accept accolades of Service on Remembrance Day.

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