Follow Up to yesterday’s blog (Legion still awarding Fake Medals)


I thought it was worth re-running this blog from last year. It really shows the poor attitude of those at Dominion Command regarding wearing of medals. Its a crime for a blood relative to wear late loved ones medals on their right breast on Remembrance Day, and the legion supports this law. However, its more than okay for associate members to adorn themselves with cheap and plentiful pretend legion medals, awarded or purchased. Its laughable that they cite, if our young cadets and a few religious orders can wear medals it must be okay for associate members to wear medals.  In fact no other organization has or awards as many pretend medals as the Royal Canadian Legion. This is the oldest and was once the most revered Veteran Organization in the nation, why would veterans need these legion pretend medals?? The reason as I see it, its not about veterans, its the associate members who feel they deserve to look like real veterans. When they wear a chest full of right breast medals the average member of the public think they are actual veterans. I also find it amusing that these associates decide when they salute whether to be Navy or Army or RCAF.

Its interesting to note when Tom Eagles attended the Legion meetings in the UK, he wore his uniform but not his legion medals?? just a wee bit embarrassing eh!~!~ Medal man. The Royal British Legion do not wear any medals other than those earned in military service. They award pins rather than these cheap RCL trinkets

Here are two typical examples of associate members, (civilians) wearing more legion medals than the average WW2 veteran earned during the war????

God Bless and keep reading


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