Try This Comparison?

Try this Comparison in government awarded benefits for one “child/boy soldier/terroist” He received 10.5 million dollars. A Canada senior citizen who has worked his/her whole life for Canada is about to receive an award of 57 cents per month increase in pension allowance!

Allow me to present to opposite views on who is the more deserving recipient.

From A Senior, her views of the pension increase!!!!!!

This is frigging pathetic, take your raise and shove it up your ass. You treat seniors of this country like dirt. This morning I’m thinking of all pensioners who receive old age security, for those who do not know yet, we will receive an increase of 57 cents per  month from the end of January 2018. We presently receive $569.95 and will increase to $570.52. Meanwhile the Government spends millions to welcome immigrants, should they not have a little more respect for the seniors of this nation?.  Finally a question for Justin Trudeau, what would you do with a 57 cent pay raise?????????

I have a serious issue with this huge compensation award to Omar Khadr, and the flimsy excuse that he was just a child or boy soldier. Romeo Dallaire stated on national television, “a child is a child is a child? I have a real problem with that statement. I can’t claim to have been a boy soldier but certainly I was a boy sailor, and when I joined the Royal Navy I left childhood behind.
I joined the Royal Navy in 1955 at age 15 and was classified as a Boy Seaman, after one year of training at HMS Ganges I was posted to the Far East. I acted as an armed escort on convoy duties and on the trains running between Penang and Singapore. I carried a 303 rifle and a clip of five rounds of ammo. While I never had to fire my weapon in anger, there is no doubt I was armed and dangerous. At the Battle of Jutland a 15 year boy seaman was killed at his post and later posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. I fail to see a difference between Khadr and our own boy soldiers/sailors. While I didn’t have the wisdom of age, I certainly knew why I was there and what I was doing. I certainly did not consider myself a child. As the question of Canadian citizen/constitutional rights has been raised. Allow me to say, I was a British subject whilst in the Royal Navy and have since served in the Canadian Forces, and I’m Canadian citizen, for more than 42 years. To claim he was only a child/boy soldier carries no weight with me. However, the killing an allied soldier carries a great deal of weight, and because he was tortured as a POW does not excuse his actions.

PS the class photo is of 15 year old Boy Seamen in 1955 training at HMS Ganges
God Bless and keep reading



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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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4 Responses to Try This Comparison?

  1. I feel that I may speak for the Majotity of Canadian SOldier apprentices (aka BOY Soldiers. At 16 we too used weapons and knew what we had signed up for. Mt Trudeau is a sad case for a PM. More interested in Rainbows, and Refugee Terroists.
    God Save Canada. We need a L E A D E R ASAP
    Robby McRobb a Proud Ten Dollar Canadian BY Choice not by Chance

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Robby I haven’t heard the term $10 Canadian in years but that was how I came to Canada in 1967.there were ads regularly in the newspapers , not just to Canada but Australia and New Zealand too

  3. russ says:

    Totally agree with you. Wonder how far I can go on half a lt of gas which is what we can buy now with my $0.57 .

  4. Dave Marson says:

    I’m in full agreement even a young teenager knows what right and whats wrong.

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