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No Legion Co-ordination on Policy between Branches

I thought I’d post this very interesting article on the wearing of Sikh headdress in legions. I too thought this issue had been done and dusty in the 1980’s. However, I saw the video from the event at the Tignish … Continue reading

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I had no real idea what this actually was, much less did I know how to set up such a fund. My two loving daughters didn’t ask me they just didit. I was surprised but not upset .once they explained … Continue reading

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Liberal spin doctors on the job

In yesterday’s newspaper article in the last front page paragraph a health and wellness spokesperson stated this drug is not approved by Health Canada for this disease. However, this raises two pertinent questions? My doctor first recommended this drug in … Continue reading

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An Amazing and Powerful Guest Blog from my Daughter Susannah.

When I was in junior high, I remember learning about Sufragettes…these brave, intelligent women who stood up to popular belief and put lives on the line to vote. For whatever reason, that courage imparted on me the value of my … Continue reading

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A Daughters Love and Support —Susannah

Susannah got the ball rolling with her post, over the next 24 hours we were both inundated with messages, shares and likes. I think my cell phone was beginning to overheat!! We have no idea of the total contacts we … Continue reading

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A Daughters Love and Support—Caroline

My father has a rare autoimmune blood disorder that his Doctor is recommending a chemo treatment in order to stop Dad’s blood cells from attacking each other. The idea behind the chemo is to put the disease into a state … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor —-Health Treatment Denied

The Health Department refuse treatment for life threatening disease. It was not surprising to read the latest poll that puts the Green Party in the lead with 37% , PC s are second and the governing liberals a distance third. … Continue reading

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Tignish Legion Disgrace

Last night on CBCCompass(22 January 2018) I watched and listened as Stephen Gallant branch president apologies for the unpleasant incident that took place at his branch last Wednesday. He said how very sorry he was and mentioned more and better … Continue reading

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Legion Sands of Time????

In only one week the legion is in the media for Racism and Bigotry, Stolen Valour and now Poppy Fund Theft. How has the legions dominion command respond to these media reports. You guessed it God Bless and keep reading … Continue reading

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Tignish legion disgrace

I listened to various explanations on the radio this morning (22 Jan 2018), however, I heard nothing that excuses the disgraceful display of racism. I heard nothing about any members being barred for their comments, “go back to your own … Continue reading

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