A Daughters Love and Support—Caroline

My father has a rare autoimmune blood disorder that his Doctor is recommending a chemo treatment in order to stop Dad’s blood cells from attacking each other. The idea behind the chemo is to put the disease into a state of remission. However to date the Prince Edward Island Government, Department of Health and Wellness is refusing to pay for the treatment because they say the drug is being used “off indication”. However if Dad actually had cancer they would pay for the drug in an effort to save his life.
So instead of paying for the treatment Dad is suffering from many side effects from a prolonged dosage of prednisone which has caused him to become a full blown diabetic requiring insulin many times a day. Prior to the prednisone Dad was not required to take insulin. Next problem is Dad has had many trips to the diabetic clinic, he has been taken my ambulance to the hospital, has been to emergency department a number of times and was also hospitalized for four or five days. It seems to me that the cost of these continuous treatments would add up to the amount of the four chemo treatments and then some. I do not understand the decision making. I am not a clinician so please understand this is a daughter’s point of view.
Further to all this my Father worked hard all his life in PEI, paid his taxes and is a great citizen who deserves great healthcare! Over his many years on PEI, He coached girls soccer and biathlon contributing to the wellness of many young rural PEI kids. He volunteered his time with the Sea Cadets, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and co- founded the Northern Ireland Children’s Events that brought kids to PEI every summer to billet with local families. This man served his country in the Royal Navy and has his Canadian Decoration.
But last but not least he saved the life of a man who was drowning in South Rustico and received a life saving award for his efforts. It is now time to save the life of my Dad, Frederick Rodgers (known to many as Ben). Please join our family in fighting for my Dad’s right to treatment so he can continue to be a great Canadian Citzen, Grandfather, Father, and Husband Thank you for reading and please share this post.

God Bless and keep reading



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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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