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A Medaling Affair?

I wonder if one of the intellects at Dominion or Provincial Commands might wish to answer this very perplexing question about Legion medal policies. I’ll start with the example of Tom Eagles, he sports a variety of legion medals, approximately … Continue reading

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The Glorious Royal Canadian Legion (a spoof)

It is surely time we veterans gave the embattled legion a break and let them do the job they are so diligently attempting to do. It was must be extremely difficult to concentrate on the important issues while receiving an … Continue reading

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Contradiction in terms!!

Not sure how to begin this blog, I have just received the most of obnoxious and rude phone call from the PEI  Provincial Command (Meaghan RocKman) representative regarding support for my situation. Actually I should be saying absolutely not supporting … Continue reading

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Not much in to Blogging these days!

I’m afraid my head is mostly into my health and my treatments, start my next chemo session this Tuesday 20th February. I certainly do not want to bore my faithful readers with my situation, we all have our own issues … Continue reading

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A Boyhood Memory.

I usual post this story on St Valentines day, sorry a wee bit on the slow side these days. A First Kiss Lost By Frederick Rodgers. It has often been said young love is the purest form of love. In … Continue reading

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Legion Comparison

I don’t intend this as a complaint, but more moment of disappointment. After the health dept turned down coverage of my chemotherapy I approached the Royal Canadian Legion for help. They immediately facilitated sending my Royal Naval records to England. … Continue reading

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Count down has begun

I suppose I have been counting down the days for sometime now. However, it seems more real as I close in on treatment day. That is Tuesday 13th February 2018. Just hours away. I was going to say I’m getting … Continue reading

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Outpouring of Gratitude.

I m suffering from a very rare and nasty disease (primary autoimmune hemolytic anemia) there is no known cure or cause. My Doctor recommended treatments of chemotherapy to hopefully force it into remission. That was when my problems began, the … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Humour

The best story of the year doesn’t give the proper praise and credit for this painful but understandable story as told by a loving wife……. The pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express praise for answered … Continue reading

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Wade the Straight Man!!!!!!

I truly believe Wade MacLauchlan has chosen the wrong career. Instead of politician he should be a standup comedian. I haven’t enjoyed such a good laugh in years. Funny man Wade stated that MLA Bush Dumville was for years struggling … Continue reading

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