Contradiction in terms!!

Not sure how to begin this blog, I have just received the most of obnoxious and rude phone call from the PEI  Provincial Command (Meaghan RocKman) representative regarding support for my situation. Actually I should be saying absolutely not supporting . This was a real eye opener of the legion in action caring for veterans . I’m very ill and half way through her phone call I had to hang up. I could not get a word in ,she was insistent she was right and I wasn’t listening. I recently received approx $10.000 from the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust and the Royal British Legion in the UK.  Ms Rockman claimed I only received this because of her? Silly me ,There I was thinking it might have had something to do with the fact I served eleven years in the RN Submarine Service. The actual phone call was about as nasty, rude and loud as I have ever experienced. After I hung up she rang again and my wife answered. Unfortunately she had no better luck than me the shouting continued and her insistence Linda be quiet and let her talk went on. In the end Linda too gave up and hung up. So to sum up! Before the award came from the UK, Dominion Command and Provincial Command stated they would both add $1000 ea. After the award arrived they said they wouldn’t be financially supporting me after all. My daughters had begun a gofindme campaign and apparently a legion member in NFLD got hold of a copy of the funding page and sent it to Dominion, hence the reason they will not support me. I have no idea why someone would just out of the blue decide to inform Dominion of the gofundme. They really must think I’m out to defraud their Poppy Fund. The fact is no one at the Legion have any real info on my situation, no one has visited, no one has call, not even a get well card from the local branch. Guess I never realized I had made myself so unpopular with my objections to how Legion business is conducted. I should have sat back said nothing and just been a good little legion boy. However, I have been very ill for the last fourteen months with a serious life threatening disease, I have needed numerous medications, insulin injections five times daily. I have travelled over 5000kms attending hospital,doctors,scans ,tests etc. The chemo treatment was denied by PEI Health and the cost is approx $15000 to 17000. On top of this I have purchased a wheel chair, chair lift for the stairs. Special shower seat and safety rails plus other needed modifications in the house. I do not know what the future holds there are no guarantees . If the chemo works it will put the disease into remission,if it doesnt work? I have no idea what I might require in the future and I’m quite sure PEI Provincial Command have no idea either??. Should I continue to need a wheel chair I will need a wheel chair ramp and perhaps other additions. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome I will not be going to the Royal Canadian Legion with my cap in my hand. I’m thoroughly disgusted with them, they should hang their heads in shame. The Legion Helping Disabled Veterans, indeed a contradiction in terms. My own history as follows , I served eleven years RN and twelve years CF Reserve. Approx 30 years as a legion member, have held several exec positions including Poppy chair. I suffered injury to both hand and my spine in 1964 while serving aboard HM/SM Alcide. and receive a small disability pension from the UK. If I wear a Poppy this Remembrance Day it will be one from the UK.     God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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