The writing is on the wall.

Shortly after last weeks rude phone call from my legion representative (Meaghan Rockman) and after my stress levels returned to a more normal level I decided to write Dominion Command. It was possibly because of the medications I’m on, but I really believed someone at Dominion would respond ,maybe even offer apologies. Yeah! it was the Meds! Not one word no explanation, no we are sorry etc. Just the usual, ignore him and he will go away. I have attached the letter sent to Dominion below. This has me thinking, not much else I can do these days, however the disarray of the RCL seems very obvious. I can’t speak for all of Canada just my own province of PEI. What see here clearly indicates a sinking ship. A provincial command that have lost their way and now drift aimlessly into oblivion. I look at the country branches, they are perhaps surviving on the fact most are the only place to buy a beer in the village. They are open to all and sundry, and support comes from a wall of lotto machines and ATM, plus booze. In the two major cities it’s a different story, lots of places to buy a beer. The two, once the islands largest branches, branch one and five in Charlottetown and Summerside are now renting the basements of what was once their former buildings. I don’t think it needs a Rocket scientist to see where this is heading. As I said in the title , the writing is on the wall. Please read below the letter sent to Dominion via Bruce Poulin communications officer. Since I received no communication this is another contradiction in terms.


Hello Bruce ,
it’s been a while since I last sent you an email of complaint or criticism about the Royal Canadian Legion . I hope and trust you will forward this message to the National President. I most certainly claim the moral high ground in what took place yesterday. (21st Feb) I received a phone call from Ms Rockman to tell me the RCL would not be supporting me for my present medical condition. Had she done this with a little compassion and or a sense of caring it might have turned out very differently. However she didn’t, her tone was aggressive, rude and demanding that I be quiet and listen to her. It was without doubt the nastiest phone I have ever received . As you may be aware I’m ill and it does not take much to upset me, she manage it in spades. I had to hang up on her. Next, she called back and my wife ,unfortunately ,endured the same tirade , she eventually also hung up . This person lacks any trace of respect for a veteran. She made the incredible statement that if it had not been for her I would never have received funding from the Royal British Legion and Royal Naval Benevolent Trust. Please read yesterday’s blog, I have somewhat calmed down since writing it. However my anger lingers and this has upset me more than you can imagine. I have ,of course ,no proof but the prevailing attitude from provincial command makes me believe there is a undercurrent of pettiness and revenge. I’m well aware I’m not their favourite person, but that is a very poor excuse for such appalling treatment. I’m sure this not the image Dominion Command wish to have portrayed. It is certainly not the reason the legion exists . It goes even further, I have been seriously ill for fourteen months, was hospitalized during the summer of 2017 and to date have not received a phone call, visit ,or a get well card from the local branch or provincial command. Bruce ,I sincerely hope you will pass this email to the people that need to know. This is not about attempting into shaming the legion into giving me financial aid. I have reached the point where I will manage without legion help. not a great result in the claim ( we are there for veterans). Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers.

God Bless and keep reading

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