Letter to editor Friday 16th Mar 2018——. Reality Check???

With a name like Bond this guy must be licensed to dupe! Reality check clarifies what,007  ..??

Legion clarifies benefits issue
The Guardian (Charlottetown)March 16, 2018

In your Letters to the Editor section this week, the question of help provided by The Royal Canadian Legion arose. Concerned about misinformation, we’d like to provide a reality check.
Any Allied Benevolent Fund applications arising in North America pertaining to Allied service are actually always first handled by The Royal Canadian Legion. We provide this support even if benefits come from another country.
Also, no veteran who legitimately needs help and support from the Legion is turned away. We take our mandate extremely seriously — veterans and their families are our priority.
Nujma Bond,
Manager, Communications,
The Royal Canadian Legion, Dominion Command that allowed LNA/LPN to train for one year. Have just been informed Nujma Bond is a female ,sorry Mrs Bond.


Not sure what misinformation he is referring too. I clearly admitted the RCL facilitated  in arranging financial aid from the UK. However , I’m sure I added that the PE Provincial Command service officer claimed, if it had not been for her (Meaghan Rockman) I would not have received that help. Mr Bond goes on to emphasis that I’m an allied serviceman. How odd he neglects to mention I also served twelve years in the CF reserve as a commissioned officer and was awarded the CD. He fails to mention I have lived in Canada for 50 years  I’m a citizen and was a legion member from 1988 to 2017. His most insulting comment refers to how the legion never turn away legitimate veterans in need . Quote “We take our mandate extremely seriously -veterans and their families are our priority”? If Mr Bond needs a reality check he might consult with medical professionals and ask if Primary Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia is a legitimate and serious disease.. He also fails to mention the Chemo treatment required was denied by PEI Dept of health. Dominion and Provincial Commands plus the local branch decided not to offer me any help. Not monetary or special needs, not even a inquiry after my health.. Perhaps Mr Bond can explain how my case was taken seriously. I do not necessarily mean in providing funding but perhaps in visiting to see if I have other needs.. None of those things happened, no phone inquiry ,no visit, and certainly no respect or compassion from the PE Command.( Meaghan Rockman,) service officer, she really needs to hone her phone skills, Plus the other members at PE Provincial Command are the ones needing a reality check along with Mr Bond. It’s about time those members at Dominion and Provincial face up to reality and stop claiming they help all veterans in need.

God Bless and keep reading




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