Proportional Representation- Another valid Reason.

Just recently in the house MLA Bush Dumville presented a motion to have the Fox designated as the Provincial Animal. This idea was originally put forth by school children from a Montague school. It was a simple motion that should have been passed without difficulty. Of course in the PEI legislate most things that are simple can be turned into difficult tasks by mindless fools. An amendment to the motion was raised by Alan McIsaac. he thought the cow should be nominated, he went on to state that Islanders should have a voice in the finally decision. This was nothing more than an attempt to make Bush Dumville look foolish. Well, Mr McIsaac it didn’t work, its you that looks foolish! We must remember this is the guy that didn’t get elected by the most votes, No! he was elected by the toss of a coin? Which brings me to one more very good reason why our electoral system needs change. If politicians can be so easily elected, if they can waste so much time with silly nonsense. While at the same time earning a higher than average island salary plus the many benefits and bonuses that go with it.  Then surely the system begs to be reformed. We cannot continue down this road allowing arrogant politicians to run roughshod over us.  Our democracy is being denied and our protests ignored. Patronage and graft are running wild in the Province, huge loans given out to a few Liberal lackeys, lucrative roundabout contracts to family and friends. While so many Islanders are unemployed, have no doctor, eat at soup kitchens or visit food banks,  are homeless and destitute.  Yet we have a Premier who claims the economy is wonderful, population is growing, and this “Mighty Island” is on a tear!!! All I see is the urgent need to change the electoral system, because folks what we have now isn’t working!!!! Islanders must insist-demand a change to Proportional Representation (MMP). Do not let these Liberal-Conservatives politicians tell you change will be bad. They are scared of PR it will mean no more majorities based on less than 40% of the vote. It will mean their seats are no longer assured or safe. We must remember when these politicians begin campaigning they will be loud with amazing promises of what they will do for us. Do not be fooled again, these are empty promises, the purpose of which is to get re-elected . Allow me to give you an example. Chris Palmer campaigned to be the voice of Summerside/Wilmot? His Riding voted yes in the plebiscite for PR, but the VOICE of PALMER was silent and sided with the MacLauchlan government. Of course Palmer is a cabinet minister now. Think Hard, Don’t be Fooled Again.

God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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