Associate Members and their Cracker Jack Medals

This is a copy of a post by a veteran friend.
Posted by Robby
2016 was a heavy year of Complaint(s) against the Royal Canadian Legion. The actions of certain branches before, during and after Remembrance day left many a jaw agape.
The actions of Dominion Command and their lack of interest in Veteran’s families wearing a loved ones medals on Remembrance day is … put it bluntly a DISRESPECTFUL way to pay honour to a Veteran on Remembrance day.
The article in Esprit de corps this issue says a lot about the mafia of Dominion Command. Far more interested in their salaries and tinpot medals and decorations for their Right Breast.
Even past Dominion Command President (who has never served a day in Uniform) Tom Eagles had the decency NOT to wear his chestful of Cracker Jack medals, while attending the Royal British Legion and Royal Scottish Legion’s conference. Why? was he ashamed to wear his collection of tinsel with actual Veterans in the room ?
Comment -: This is from a Vet in Wasaga Beac
Read the blog I agree with you whole heartily, I’m tired of seeing those civvy wearing their cheap medals and running the legions. They have turned the legion into nothing but watering holes for civies.
Comment from F.Ben Rodgers ret’d Royal Navy, RCN Reserve.
These are the Legion members that tell me to allow a widow to wear her late husband’s medals on her right breast, dilutes the value of the medals. One might ask which of the two photos here dilute real medals. Grandfather with grand daughter wearing great grandfathers WW1 medals. Or assoc member with approx ten pretend medals on his right breast.

God Bless and keep reading


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