The Canadian Legion’s Lack of Vision

I have come to the conclusion that Dominion Command and probably several Provincial Commands have only one interest in life and that is in protecting their own little empires. It is evident to many that these command elites have the same faces year after year. In other words Dominion and Provincial are cliques owned and run by the same groups of people. They fight strenuously to keep interference from veterans at a minimum. Their arrogance is not only unacceptable its unbelievable, and it stems from fear that someone might upset their power base. I realize the organization needs other members besides veterans, but that is not an excuse to offer a one year free membership. That is sheer desperation, but probably a way to strengthen their argument, they are working hard to recruit new members. From my own experience, when offering a new idea or suggestion it is always stopped dead in its tracks by Provincial Command. They have no discussion with the members offering these proposals, merely claim the executive met and decided against it. Certainly in my case this was the result each time I sent in a new resolution. It never got beyond Provincial Command, and no one at any time ever offered to meet with me to discuss my proposal. Just recently I copied an interesting video of Prince Harry talking with a little 4 year old boy who lost his uncle in Afghanistan. The little boy was wearing his late uncles medals on his right breast. Prince Harry stop to talk with him and shake his hand. It was a delightful moment of a young boy at a Remembrance day event. From my point of view it spoke volumes about why we remember our fallen. I was so impressed with the video, I forwarded it to Dominion and Provincial Commands. I thought surely some one there would agree with me. I was very wrong. Allow me to show you the rude and inane response to received from Bruce Poulin, Dominion Communications officer.
Thank you for sharing this story from the United Kingdom. As I am sure you will appreciate, The Royal Canadian Legion does not comment on customs or traditions practiced in other countries. We respect Canadian law.
In Comradeship Bruce Poulin
He talks as if the UK was a foreign country! he ignores the fact that the Royal British Legion and the Royal Canadian Legion have the same Patron, HRH Queen Elizabeth. Surely we have many things in common, and who may wear late loved ones medals should be one. This was the reason I sent the video in the first place. To dismiss my approach in such a rude and dismissive manner is just the sort of attitude that is causing so many issues. Until these people, who unfortunately hold the power, decide to listen to the real membership, the veterans, nothing is going to change. Sadly if Dominion and Provincial commands continue down this road, then the end is probably just around the next bend. It will matter not how many free memberships they give out, pretend medals they hand out and or sell, the result will be the same. They have no vision beyond protecting their own little power bases. The overriding fear of the legions collapse is because we, the veterans, have a sacred obligation to look after the Poppy and what it stands for. Associate members have and are continuing to fail in this duty. That is obvious in the questionable and secretive way the Poppy funds are being used. It is obvious in the way some Branches fail to conduct fitting Remembrance Day services. I refer to the ceremony held in Kentville NS, flags not half masted and forgot the two minute silence. I suppose I could go on, but realize those who really care are already well aware of the problems. I guess the big question is what can we do about it, would love to hear ideas.????????????
God Bless and keep reading


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1 Response to The Canadian Legion’s Lack of Vision

  1. Ira says:

    Maybe you should ask what group and religion these cliques come from?

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