More on Richard Brown must Go!!!!!!!

I posted this letter back in 2016, it spoke to the serious lack of manners portrayed by Brown. His appalling behaviour apparently has not improved over the last two years so it is most appropriate to repost this blog today/

This MLA lacks even basic manners
Posted on November 19, 2016
by irishroverpei

Letter to the editor
I have on occasion sent letters to the editor regarding the lack of good manners MLA Richard Brown seems to display. During at least two official functions involving the Lieutenant Governor he addressed his honour as Frank. It was done in a loud voice for all to hear, once actually over the audio system at Holland College. So when I read the following article on social media, it came as no surprise. A group of young men were passing Provincial Government bldgs saw MLAs gathering for a photo shoot. One of the group shouted, Honour The Vote. Now most reasonable politicians would probably wave, nod or ignore the comment. However, Richard Brown thought it was much more appropriate to give the citizen in question, the Finger! One would think the Liberal government is under enough pressure from their questionable actions at this time. It might be wise to keep a low profile, especially in public. To react as disrespectfully Richard Brown did, is utterly disgraceful and ignorant.
Not so Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE
Just a little follow up to the piece I posted this am about Richard Brown giving the finger to the passer-by who shouted out, “Honour the vote.” I’m not sure how some of the other Liberal MLAs reacted, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the other Brown, Jordan, the Chairman of the Electoral Reform Committee laughed heartily and applauded.
I don’t regard this as weighty evidence of anything in particular, and one respondent reminded me that it would have been a breaking story only if Richard had smiled and waved encouragement.
What is more serious is that both men represent districts where Islanders voted clearly in favour of proportional representation, yet neither has shown the slightest inclination to honour the vote of their constituents.
I mean, who really deserves the finger here 🙂 .
God Bless and keep reading


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