Only the Silence of the Legion?

Well folks a week has passed and still no response from Dominion Command. Not so much as an acknowledgement of my email, and certainly not a responsive reply. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, it has happened all to often in the past. However, I really thought this time someone who cared about the future of the legion might have contacted me. Sadly it hasn’t happened and looks unlikely too happen any time soon. I think this is really the major issue with Dominion Command, ignore and they will go away. Of course we are angry but that is surely all the more reason to talk with us. Do they really not want to know why we are upset, do they not want to at least attempt to listen, to discuss, to hear our grievances. Apparently not! it seems it is their way or the highway. As their membership continues to fall it will be them going down that dead end highway.

To Dominion Command
Posted on September 21, 2018
by irishroverpei
After several attempts I finally managed to send the attached email, at least three Dominion email addresses failed? Now its just a matter of waiting to see if anyone responses?
Fw: Legion Medals?
Yesterday, 3:44 PM
I’m sure this is not the correct destination for this email so hoping you will forward.
From: Frederick Ben Rodgers
Sent: September 20, 2018 3:34 PM
To: Royal Canadian Legion
Subject: Fw: Legion Medals?
Trying again with another address. not easy to communicate with Dominion Command
The Fake Legion Medals
Posted on September 20, 2018 by irishroverpei
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In the last few years I have attempted several times to communicate with those who run the RCL. In almost every case I have been ignored. sometimes have received an occasionally response that is offensive and rude. However, here I’m trying once more, not sure why, perhaps this time as we actually have a veteran as the National President. The Legion (Dominion Command) are constantly claiming to be working on the issue of membership, claiming they are here for veterans. Strangely a great many veterans would disagree with this claim, and a great many veterans have left and or not joining. To date nothing Dominion Command has tried has stemmed the serious falling membership. Such things as free one year memberships for serving members, inviting civilians with no military connections, in fact inviting almost anyone to join. I don’t know what you think? but to me this seems like desperation. Don’t you think its time you tried something many veterans have been asking for, for sometime. If you take the time to read my letter below, perhaps you give a thought to actually doing something that might just make a difference. Try to imagine a veteran wearing only his CD standing next to Tom Eagles wearing approximately 13 mostly legion (fake) medals. Why do you continue to support section 419 of the criminal code disallowing blood relatives, but permitting associate members to wear their right breast many legion medals. Surely its time to act in a positive way and listen to veterans, not the civilian associates. If you truly want to save what’s left of this once proud organization you need to act now. Do something that will resonate with us many dissatisfied veterans.
The Legion and Medals
Posted on February 15, 2017
by irishroverpei
This is the email I sent to the Governor General’s office on February 15th 2017. I received a phone call from a very nice lady (staff secretary) acknowledging my email. Below is a copy of the email I sent and her response.
Real Medals & pretend medals
I’m greatly concerned with the present Royal Canadian Legion policy regarding medals. While it is quite acceptable for non veteran legion members to wear an array of legion service medals on their right breast in legion uniform. It is against the law for an eighty year old widow to wear her late husbands war medals of her right breast on suitable occasions. (see section 419 of Criminal Code) The important issue I have with this policy is that most civilians would mistake an associate member wearing six or seven legion medals as a veteran. Indeed most associate members wear more medals than actual veterans. These are service awards for chairing such things as the Dart Competition, BBQ etc. I find it offensive that non veterans parade with all the pomp and ceremony that was and should be attributed to our real veterans. The issue is wide spread and clearly part of the reason why our younger veterans are not joining the Royal Canadian Legion. Please give this your immediate attention while we still have a RCL. If for no other reason we are responsible for the care and respect of the Poppy. Other legions (Royal British-Scottish etc wear lapel pins). The Canadian Legion membership continues to plummet, it is estimated approx 35.000 are actual veterans, the remaining approx 200.000 are made up of associate and non voting members. In other words just about anyone can join today`s legion branches. Please note the attachments are two legion medals that may be purchased for $25 ea plus P&P. Also photo of Tom Eagles wearing eleven medals but has never served a day in the Military or other services, example Coast Guard, RCMP etc.
While this lady agreed with my concerns she explained there is no immediate concern within the Justice Dept to amend the law (section 419). They apparently feel the law protects against imposters from wearing medals they are not entitled to. She did add that it would be unlikely that an elderly widow wearing her late husbands medals would be arrested. That attitude , which I agree with, surely runs contrary to the need for this law?
As for people wearing medals they are not entitled to, that will happen regardless of any law, it occurs in the UK and in many other nations. However, the UK do not act with a heavy hand as we do in Canada. Blood relatives may wear their late loved ones medals on suitable occasions. The Royal Canadian Legion are absolutely opposed to changing this law or of asking for an amendment. One might ask why? it doesn’t make a lot sense to deny an elderly widow from wearing her late husbands medals. Well, I think maybe it does to today’s legion members, whom are a large civilian majority. Associate members have become comfortable in legion uniform wearing an array of pretend medals on their right breast. While these many legion medals are quite legal they are far from appropriate in an organization dedicated to military veterans. They should be ashamed to be seen parading with real veterans often wearing twice the number of medals of the most decorated veteran. To sum up, perhaps as this law is so wrong it should be broken. Blood relatives should begin wearing loved ones medals all across this nation. How many do you think would be arrested and charged? Should this young girl be thrown in jail for daring to wear her Great Grandfathers WW1 medals????
How about this joker! he is quite legal with his array of some eleven tin medals, but is surely a mockery to the memory of our fallen. I can’t predict if anything will come of this, however, the way the legion is going failure cannot be to far into the future
Its rather ironic, the legion motto ”Preparing for the 21st Century”
Frederick Rodgers CD A legion member for 27 years, (cancelled membership 2016)
God Bless and keep reading

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