Supply Management

I’m the first to admit I know little about international trade agreements, but I would also venture I’m not alone in that respect. Watching the recent news coverage I see milk and dairy producers are not happy with the latest USMCA trade deal. On FB and other social media they is a cry to buy Canadian dairy products and shun those from the US. I have to think that is easier said than done. For most of us on fixed or minimum wage incomes, price is always the deciding factor. It’s good and indeed right to support local producers and our Canadian products. However, if there is a US milk carton on the store shelf next to a local one and the US one is cheaper? Which one do you think many shoppers will select? It’s not done out of disrespect or a couldn’t care less attitude, it’s out of necessity. The other factor in this is the price differences between provinces. Why do we pay approximately two dollars more for a four litre jug than in Nova Scotia? How can it cost so much more here on PEI than in other provinces. A lot of questions to be answered and understood by the general public. ‘From the point of view of many, what we pay for a product is determined by what it costs. This is the way supply management works for most of us local shoppers. That’s my interpretation, right or wrong! Oh Canada.

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2 Responses to Supply Management

  1. Dave Marson says:

    Because your on an Iland isolation if you will. Or that is the excuse or reason they jack up you prices. Also because PEI is a tourist province they like to screw their visitors. Blame the transportation costs. Big brother loves to use that one.

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  2. irishroverpei says:

    All the reasons you give are valid, but difficult to accept because we have a vibrant dairy industry on PEI, Hence transportation is not a factor. I believe we export more dairy products than we import. Tourism? maybe a small factor but in reality it is island consumers that are paying.

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