Trafalgar Days (October 21st 2018)

Trafalgar Days 21st October.2018
Posted on October 21, 2018
by irishroverpei

Trafalgar Day

Trafalgar Day is the most important day in the calendar of HMS Victory, the oldest commissioned warship in the world.
Each year on 21 October a ceremony is held on board Victory marking the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, a battle which defined the Age of Sail and which sealed British dominion of the seas for a hundred years.
Britain’s wealth, prosperity and status as a nation on the world stage still owe much to the courage and skill of the crews of the British ships and their great leader, Admiral Lord Nelson, that momentous day off Cape Trafalgar.
But the ceremony on board Victory is an act of remembrance rather than just a celebration of victory, remembering the loss of the country’s greatest ever naval leader and the lives of men on both sides who perished in the fierce battle, or subsequently, from their injuries.
The day starts with the daily naval ceremony of ‘Colours’, as the White Ensign of the Royal Navy and the Union Jack are hauled up, followed shortly afterwards by the flag sequence indicating Nelson’s famous message to the Fleet that
“England expects that every man will do his duty”.
HMS Victory
Trafalgar DayEngland expects that every man will do his duty
Admiral Lord Nelson, 1805
Nelson’s final signal, as the mighty ships of the line of the Royal Navy and the combined Franco – Spanish Fleet clashed was “Engage the enemy more closely”.
Nelson’s tactical genius in splitting the line of enemy ships had already set the pre-conditions for victory, when only an hour into the Battle, Nelson was hit by a French sharpshooters’ musket ball as he paced Victory’s quarterdeck, directing the Battle.
He fell, fatally wounded, on a spot marked by a lovingly polished brass plaque, which forms the centrepiece of the Trafalgar Day Ceremony.
Taking place on board HMS Victory the commemorative event will be attended by senior Royal Navy personnel.
The modern Royal Navy still exists to protect the nation’s interests in an unpredictable world and its work extends far and wide across the globe providing security, preventing conflict and helping other nations by providing humanitarian assistance.
The Royal Navy’s men and women are drawn from every part of society and its sailors, aviators and marines are held in high regard for their professionalism and expertise around the world.
God Bless and keep reading

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