An Oldie but a Goodie!!!!

Re-Posted on July 29, 2018
by irishroverpe

I first posted this two years ago, but thought it was time for a rerun!
A New Legion Tactic — Intimidation.
Posted on August 25, 2016
by irishroverpei

Please read the letter below sent from my fellow veteran and friend Robby. Robby passed away a month ago RIP old friend. I don’t think there is anything for me to add, except to say this latest action by Dominion Command speaks volumes about their fear of exposure and a complete lack of respect for veterans.
baconburner (Robby) commented on Letter from Bruce Poulin

Hello Mr Rodgers It has been observed that your emails and blog display an image of The Royal Canadian Legion badge. This

What a CROCK from Poulin….Legion badges, etc are freely sold with no authorization I am sure on E Bay Amazon and photos are publically displayed on facebook and other PUBLIC sites.
I have used this once PROUD Logo in many a newspaper Blogs. I have just returned for an army reunion and many members there were discussing the tawdry image of the Legion and in Particular Dominion Command and their gang of non specific Veterans. Most of whom have never served a day on NATO or UN Duties.
I will be writing early next week in favour of an all out Campaign. I also feel that using UK Poppies will certainly diminish profits for the Clowns of Dominion Command.
A.Robby McRobb a Veteran a father , uncle of 2 Veterans as well as son and Grandfather of Veterans. Keep at em Ben then they may realize what Ready aye Ready stands for as well as my Corps Motto Nil Sine Labore Nothing without Labour we will defeat these so called hierarchy of the Royal Canadian Legion.
The scope of Canadian trade-marks law
A trade-mark is only protected to the extent that it is used by a person to distinguish a product or service from another. Trade-marks do not give exclusive rights to a symbol, for instance, but only for the symbol in relation to a particular use in order to distinguish the product from others.
Trade-marks help potential customers to identify the source of products and thus have a significant impact on trade, especially when product identity is marketed as an extension of the customers’ personal identity.
Although any name or symbol could be protected under trade-mark law, there are issues concerning the limits of that protection. For instance, enforcing protection of a mark and its perception is questionable where there is no actual confusion for consumers. Likewise, protecting a mark against all criticism or allusions, as if it were an actual person, is controversial since trying to protect marks at all costs could be harmful to free speech and free trade
So Dominion Command it might be time to start addressing the real issues rather than giving out free memberships and selling cheap earrings and medals.! Time for the large number of civilian members to stop pretending to be veterans and wearing their tin pot medals
God Bless and keep reading

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