Jehovah Witness Objections to Remembrance

This incident occurred four years ago, and I think its time we re-post it for those who still think Remembrance is Glorifying War?

Regarding the Jehovah Witness’s Objection to Remembrance
Posted on November 10, 2014
by irishroverpei

I posted comments on my blog on Saturday about this subject after reading the front page newspaper article. A Jehovah Witness objected to the Georgetown public library regarding the story time reading about Remembrance to a class of five and six year olds. I was so angry that I wrote a letter to the editor of both island newspapers. I have posted a copy with this blog because I believe people should see it before Remembrance Day.
This was the front page headline in the Guardian newspaper story on Saturday 8th Nov 2014. After reading the article I’m angry and very upset too. First of all I’m upset with the official response from Andrew Sprague and his attempt to be inclusive in programs at the public library. Offering a watered down version in place of honouring the men and women who died that we might be free is completely unacceptable. It is especially offensive and unacceptable at this special time of year when Veterans march to the cenotaphs to remember and lay wreaths to their fallen comrades. Religious freedom along with all our many other freedoms was fought and won for us at a tremendous cost in lives and suffering. It is because of our Veterans, Jehovah’s Witnesses are free today to knock on our doors promoting their particular brand of faith. I don’t have an issue with that and even though I have no interest in what they are selling I always treat them with respect. This particular parent could have been respectful too by simply not having her child attend the library story if she felt so strongly about the subject. However, I don’t think this is about a five or six year old attending story time at a public library. This about the parent of that child demanding her perceived rights and freedoms are respected. She needs to be asked how she came to have her religious freedom and rights. Perhaps, as she is now denying her own child the opportunity to understand why we wear the poppy, she too was deprived of learning the meaning of remembrance by her parents. I wonder if she knows anything about the Second World War? About the NAZI regime and their concentration camps that held not only Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals but also Jehovah’s Witnesses. The disgusting reaction by this parent is proof that we as a society are losing sight of the values our Veterans fought and died for.. Inclusiveness and political correctness has gone to the extremes. As a Veteran you will never hear me say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas, and I will say God Bless any time I feel like it. It is surely time for Canadians to stand up and yelled from the roof tops,”It is us who are offended”. We are tired of minorities who demand we change our ways, our traditions and our values to accommodate them. I lived through the blitz in England during the Second World War, I was often hungry, cold, scared, and for a time homeless. Believe me when I say I understand the meaning of freedom, and believe me when I tell you how much I appreciate my freedom. All our children should be taught the meaning of Remembrance and why we wear the Poppy so proudly at this time each year. God Bless and keep reading

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