MacLauchlan Refuses to name Offender

Finally the Guardian decided to publish one of my letters! this is the first of three letters sent in recently. I guess, if I write not so nice things about our liberal government the NEWSpaper (I use the word news loosely) will not publish them? I wrote about Alan Roach and his approx. 3/4 million dollar house sale to GEBIS, then he opposed Gebis from attending the land purchase inquiries. I also wrote about the silence surrounding MacLauchlan’s trip to China with a delegation of forty. Never a word mentioned on Compass or in the Guardian? Neither of those two letters were published? Strange! and indeed I re-wrote the letter regarding Roach. I was thinking perhaps I had tended toward rumour rather that fact, so changed it and re-sent, nevertheless it remained unpublished.

But at least they did decide to publish this latest letter!

Wed 11-21, 2:31 PM
Transcontinental Mail (;

MacLauchlan Refuses to Name Offender

I find it difficult to understand how the Premier thinks it’s okay not to name the wrong doing of a senior bureaucrats in his government. This individual has failed to follow the terms of his employment. The employee apparently refused to comply with an order from the Ethics Commissioner. Surely if rules have been broken, the offender should be exposed, not protected. This person was in a position of trust, and has broken that trust. By defending this employee the Premier is saying, it’s okay to break the rules because the individual is working for me. Yet if these same rules were broken in the workplace they would quickly be dealt with. Why does the Premier believe his government is above the law in this matter. Everyone has a boss, in this case the voters are the Premiers boss and we would like answers to the above question.
Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers. Abram Village PE.

God Bless and keep reading

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