Looking back on the year 2018

This morning 27th December 2018 I was listening to the radio and people phoning in to tell of their New Year resolutions. It made me think if I should be making a new resolution of 2019.? I decide no, I’m happy with my life as it is, I will always try to do better of course but a radical change, I think not. Some might find my attitude smug, thinking myself already good enough, no need for me to change or improve. That is not what I’m saying, of course we can always improve and I endeavour to work toward that goal constantly. This morning instead of looking forward into the New Year I chose to look back at what took place in 2018. It was not a good year for my health. In January I was diagnosed with a serious and potentionally fatal disease. I required a series of chemo treatments, the doctor believed this would put my blood disorder into remission. However, as my ailment was not cancer the health dept would not cover the treatment. This was frightening news, we had no idea what the cost of this treatment would be. No one at the treatment centre seemed to know either. We were told as much as $40.000 then another suggestion might only be $20.000. I contacted my MLA but he claimed he couldn’t help, I contacted the Minister of Health and received the same negative answer. Considering the condition of my health at this time, the denial of coverage only added to my worries. I also had to consider the possibility the treatment might not work. Nothing we attempted changed the health dept decision, if fact their response was rather callous. I’m a veteran of both the British Navy and Canadian Navy and was a legion member for some thirty years. The British Legion provided approximately $10.000.  I was still a long way from having the necessary cash. My two daughters, Caroline and Susannah began a go fund me campaign. Almost at the same time my old Cymbria Sea Cadet Corps and Girls Soccer team members started to organize a benefit auction and dance. To make a long story short, enough money was raised, I received the chemo and I’m in remission. However, it’s far from the end of the story for me. Like many people I have rarely stopped to think of the things I have done or the people I have touched during my life. Nevertheless, my recent illness and treatment problems brought home to me just how many people care. I was overwhelmed by the financial support, the prayers and good wishes. Their kindness brought me to tears so many times. I  feel so honoured to have received such overwhelming love and support from so many amazing and caring people. Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough, but I can find no other more suitable words. What I can say is this, your kindness and caring has made me try to be a better person. Because of your generous help and support and I’m entering 2019 full of hope for the future. I’m richer than I ever imagined because of my so many wonderful friends. May God Bless you one and all.

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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