The Good Old Hockey Game?

Danger! might upset Hockey Fans.

This will be a risky blog, I’m sure to get some angry responses, angry being the key word. When I arrived in Canada in 1964 I attempted to have hockey replace my favourite sport of football (soccer). Football was none existent in Canada at the time, no satellite tv broadcasting so I lost touch with the game I’d played since I was old enough to kick a can in the street. However, I could never really enjoy watching ice hockey, oh course I’d never played the game. Indeed I’d only ever wore roller skates, never ice skates. My early and biggest problem was the puck, it was in the net and I didn’t even know the team had scored. Maybe the game was too fast for me, maybe the puck was too small. Whatever the reason hockey never became something I could watch. Nothing wrong with that, we are all different and like different things. These days I watch football from the UK every weekend, it’s great. I’m afraid what I see in today’s hockey is fighting and more fighting. It seems most if not all players become involved. Gloves and sticks fly and an all out ruckus ensues. Players, not the referees seem to control these sad moments. Fans appear to enjoy the spectacle and encourage their team to go all out. Are there no real penalties? Surely players involved should be ordered off the ice. They should receive severe financial fines and be banned for several games. If a team loses there top players for several games, coaches might consider making their players behave. In football if a player touches another player or the referee he risks a red card, fine and a three or four game ban. Red card means his team finishes the game playing a man short. In Roman times  gladiator fighting to the death was considered a sport. Are we going to allow hockey brawls to continue until someone is seriously injured or killed. I believe there have been some serious injuries in the past. Is this really what the sport of hockey has become, are the fans now like the Roman spectators of old. Sportsmanship appears to have disappeared in the game of hockey, that is so sad for our youth who try to emulate their particular hockey hero. Yes I’m an outsider in the hockey world but I’m sure many people would agree with me, violence has no place in any sport. That is my Monday morning rant. God Bless and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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