PEI Leaders Debate.

The clear winner in last nights debate was in my opinion Peter Bevan Baker. He spoke clearly and with an even tone, he explained his policies and was never shy to point to the liberal failures. Joe Byrne did a good job, he has no illusions of becoming premier, but put forth some very creditable ideas in health care and affordable housing. MacLauchlan, the sitting premier was very uncomfortable and declined to offer his opinion on election reform. It was ironic that he stated he would not comment but leave it up to the voters . In the 2016 plebiscite he did the exact opposite and denied the voters wishes. Awkward moment for him, and he appeared often to be angry. He offered nothing new, just the usual gabble-babel. The biggest disappointment of the evening was Dennis King. I particularly noticed a worrying trend from him. First off he claimed he was just a good ole country boy! Secondly, he was so very careful not to say anything that might offend MacLauchlan. Thirdly, and most unexpected was his position on the carbon tax. He has clearly joined the chorus of Scheer/Ford singing “why tax carbon then give it back to people”. If I were to describe the debate as a horse race it would be this. Peter Bevan Baker romped home in an impressive finish, close behind came Joe Byrne the outsider, and brining up the distant rear, neck in neck were MacLauchlan and King, both lumbering in the same old party style. So folks for me, my opinion remains firmly in the belief we need change. We need new fresh ideas and a new method of electing politicians.  Last nights debate,  if it taught me anything, it was the fact we still have the same two old party’s , Tory and the liberal with the belief they alone should govern this province.  God Bless and keep voting.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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