Outrage at legion Pretend Medals.

I’m adding another letter from a veteran, he clearly condemns the prolific use of these pretend legion medals. I whole heartily agree with his outrage, legion medals are out of hand. They are everywhere,  associate members wear them with pride, their chests puffed out like they have just returned from battle!!! As the writer suggested we should write letters exposing this fraud to the public. Indeed, I wrote a letter to the editor some time ago explaining the legions permitting civilians to wear pretend medals. Shortly after my letter was published I read a response from the Charlottetown Branch president defending these medals. He cited the Knights of Columbus, Masons and even Cadets wear medals! So why shouldn’t legion members wear the same medals. All I can say to that is this, I have never seen a Knight, Mason or a Cadet wearing anything close to the number of medals worn by legion associates. To even include cadets is childish!!! they are after all, just you young people belonging to a very reputable semi military organization. We only have to look at these pretend veterans to feel angry. I agree with the writer of the attached letter, this is a form of stolen valour.

I went to my nieces review at air cadets , i was perplexes at some of the legion members mostly flat faces civies wearing a rack of medals , for what i dont know ?? Parading around and behing thought of as heros and vets ! Bunch of wanna be s no blood sweat or tears ever shed in the military from these pussies , meanwhile people are like looking up to them and saying thanks for your service !!! As im siting there ignored and looked down on ?!? I feel like putting out an info ad locally and explaining the difference between the right hand side and left hand side medals worn ! Once and for all so those fukin goof dont get credit for fuk all ! Pisses me off not jealous just offended , its stolen valour if you ask me ! At least they didnt have wings ! Fur would off flown then !

Some more things for the Legion to think about,

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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5 Responses to Outrage at legion Pretend Medals.

  1. Francis Gallant says:

    “… no blood sweat or tears ever shed in the military … meanwhile people are like looking up to them and saying thanks for your service” – another example of ‘fake news‘ or misinterpretation by the public and misrepresentation of what should be handled with respect.

    What irks me is how things ever arrived at this stage – Legion associate members wearing medals when they haven’t served in the military. Even a boy scout is not eligible to wear a badge without having earned it.

    Associate members, to me, serve as preserving the reason for an institution’s existence, and preserving the reason of remembrance as we proceed to future generations. Remembrance, for the reason and learned history of why something should never be repeated. So, associate members can be an asset and fully made recognizable to the cause. But what is becoming of the Legion in respect to earned medal privilege? I don’t believe that it was ever meant for associate members to be represented as veterans. We believed in recognizing veterans by their medals but, today, that recognition has become severely misrepresented.

    Associate members can easily be made recognizable in ways outside of wearing medals. They do perform office duties and leadership through bursary and scholarship grants, youth programs, student assistance, etc. They are needed to assist with the charitable business that The Legion has established. Uniforms can be created according to their status. Pins can be awarded according to their level of dedication. But don’t make it look equivalent to having been a military soldier. Wearing a chest of metal when there has never been any military service is purely childish and totally disrespectful.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    The problem no one at the legion is listening and even those that do hear, they are not about to give up their precious fake medals

  3. Francis Gallant says:

    That no one is listening is what I realize. Not wanting to give up their precious fake medals is too much like politics and childishness. To repeat, I’ll never, ever understand how such idiocy developed without someone noticing the falseness. They do this and then think it so wrong to let a family member wear a parent or relative’s medals on Remembrance Day. It’s retarded and brainless.

  4. irishroverpei says:

    Hope you don’t object if I use some of your comments in my next blog

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