The Contemptible Legion Behaviour

I have added below a response to my blog dated 6th May 2019. There were several other responses also, but I will just use this one for now, the writer is not a veteran and he is not associated with the legion. Its a very strange thing! I have searched and inquired but nowhere can I find the origin of these legion fake medals. I do believe they only started after the Second World war, but when and by whom remains a mystery. I find it very odd that no one either knows or is willing to talk about. I do understand, for those who wear these fake medals it has probably become difficult or next to impossible for them to stop. Just think how naked they would look without their fancy glittering legion fakers.
Nevertheless, their behaviour can only be described as contemptible, and insulting to actual veterans on Remembrance Day. It can only be described as contemptible to the blood relatives denied the wearing of loved ones real medals on the right breast on Remembrance Day. Can you pick out the real medals in the three photos????

no blood sweat or tears ever shed in the military … meanwhile people are like looking up to them and saying thanks for your service” – another example of ‘fake news‘ or misinterpretation by the public and misrepresentation of what should be handled with respect.
What irks me is how things ever arrived at this stage – Legion associate members wearing medals when they haven’t served in the military. Even a boy scout is not eligible to wear a badge without having earned it.
Associate members, to me, serve as preserving the reason for an institution’s existence, and preserving the reason of remembrance as we proceed to future generations. Remembrance, for the reason and learned history of why something should never be repeated. So, associate members can be an asset and fully made recognizable to the cause. But what is becoming of the Legion in respect to earned medal privilege? I don’t believe that it was ever meant for associate members to be represented as veterans. We believed in recognizing veterans by their medals but, today, that recognition has become severely misrepresented.
Associate members can easily be made recognizable in ways outside of wearing medals. They do perform office duties and leadership through bursary and scholarship grants, youth programs, student assistance, etc. They are needed to assist with the charitable business that The Legion has established. Uniforms can be created according to their status. Pins can be awarded according to their level of dedication. But don’t make it look equivalent to having been a military soldier. Wearing a chest of metal when there has never been any military service is purely childish and totally disrespectful.

Note the two medals on the right! you can purchase them at the legion for the bargain price of $25 ea plus P&P

God Bless and keep reading.

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1 Response to The Contemptible Legion Behaviour

  1. Francis Gallant says:

    Just so you know, my father was a war veteran of World War II so I was familiar with the Legion while growing up in Rustico.

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