Is There a way to Save the Legion?????

Is There a Way to Save the Legion?????
Re-Posted on May 20th 2019
by irishroverpei

I agree with the general view, the younger veterans really do not appear to show interest in the Legion in its present form. I also agree we have relinquished our ownership of the legion to the vast majority of associated members/civilians. Its so sad to think we are rapidly reaching the end of the Legion, how much longer can it continue. Membership is seriously falling, I can only offer an estimate of todays numbers. Probably out of a approximate total of 200,000 less than 30% are actual veterans. In the local branch here on PEI most of the members are associate non voting, in other words they are members in order to use the facilities/bar.
The seriousness of the situation is bad and will only get worse. How can those in charge market and commercialize the sacred Poppy? The cheap tat they are producing speaks volumes to the state of finances. Branches are failing, closing or being forced to close by their provincial commands. There is almosty no co-operation between Dominion/Provincial Commands and the branches. Animosity reigns between so many veterans, commands and the associates.
However, two very important issues worry me greatly. (1) if the legion fails what happens to the Poppy, we are responsible as veterans and Canadians.
(2) What happens to our history without Remembrance day, without veterans visiting schools and attending parades. No more medals of long ago battles on display, history disappearing before our eyes. You might think I’m being melodramatic but test these worries for yourself, how many young people on the streets today could answer the most basic questions about the 2nd World War much less the 1st World war. Look at what we see happening in the USA with the rise of Neo Nazis/White Suprems, KKK etc. This should be so concerning for all of us. I realise most would respond ,Oh! that’s Trumps fault, maybe so, but it is also an attempt to revisit Hitlers National Socialism. If we forget history we are in serious trouble.

Copy of a letter from Ira Peters

Ira peters commented on Attacking the Legion.
I received an interesting comment in reference to yesterday’s blog subject (Seeking a Private Members Bill). The writer said …
You have many good points and yes, after the Great War Veterans Organization was formed in about 1918 that eventually became the Royal Canadian Legion there were many Veterans. Today most of our Senior Veterans have passed and our younger Veterans show lack of interest. In order to change all our Veterans we will have to rally the troops but with family expenses I have little faith this will happen and because our Legion was given to non Veterans it will be almost impossible to take back. As for the criminal code 419 I think most of us as Veterans would support your endeavour. As for the Legion I think most politicians will not support what seems to be an attack because they want to be politically correct.——————————————————-
Not sure where we go from here????

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