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Royal Canadian Legion

The Royal Canadian legions many decorated hero’s They have fought and struggled at many committee meetings and sweated over BBQs. Organized shuffle board and dart competitions under the most trying and extreme conditions.  Indeed these are the much decorated hero’s … Continue reading

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Sports Hall of Fame Response!!!!

I sent the article below to the PEI  sports hall of fame email on 24th June 2019. I got a response a few days later.. The reply went something like this – “thank you for your information regarding female soccer … Continue reading

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Commercialization of the Remembrance Day Poppy

I’m an 80 year old Naval veteran with 23 years of service. I have long objected to Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian Legion using the poppy for commercial purposes. On the Legion web page poppy embossed items such as … Continue reading

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Legion Retail Marketing!!!!!

It seems selling their legion tat on their website was not brining in enough money. They really must make more money off the lucrative Poppy! I could not believe what I was seeing in the Home Hardware Store today. Strolling … Continue reading

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Government Collaboration!

The King Conservatives minority government safely passed their the budget in the house a few days ago. The Premier said it was an inclusive budget agree to by all party’s through close consultation! While I tend to agree, and indeed … Continue reading

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Female Soccer on PEI?????

I glanced at an article in todays Guardian regarding the PEI Sports Hall of Fame. I have to say I was very disappointed to find only one member of the soccer sport as an inductee. Tom Wallis, he was indeed … Continue reading

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No No Not the male cross bar again.

No No!!!! not that Male Cycle with a Cross bar Posted on March 21, 2017 by irishroverpei The Male Cycle finally explained When I was 13, I began to notice girls and hoped that one day I would have a … Continue reading

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Toys from my Childhood

The little model bus is same as the actual bus I rode to school on. While attending Freshwater Secondary Modern in 1951-52 on the Isle of White, I boarded this bus every school day. It took us to school and … Continue reading

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The Environment and Economy go Hand in Hand???

This is what Trudeau keeps telling us. A strong economy and a responsible environment go together? One day he declares a climate crisis, the next day announces the building of the trans mountain pipeline. Does this really make sense, it … Continue reading

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Homophobia and Sexual Discrimination!

I believe the majority of Christian Nations would claim they are open and welcoming society to all peoples. I believe most faiths/churches would claim similar values. Yet, here we are with a nation of those claiming to be Christians in … Continue reading

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