Shame at the Womens World Cup.

I started coaching girls soccer in 1975, a time before the present World cup women were not yet born or old enough to play. My girls team were always a joy to work with, they were polite and respectfully. They displayed a great sense of sportsmanship throughout their careers in the game. We won games and we lost games but we never lost our respect for other players or teams. We celebrated, hugged, cheered and jumped up and down, but never while humiliating others. We always had a code of conduct and we always followed it. In the recent world cup game between Thailand and the USA, I was appalled at the display of the US players. They have every right to celebrate when scoring a goal we all do. However, after 4 or 5 goals it becomes a romp and the opposing team at the very least feel bad enough. To then rub their noses in it is just so arrogant and rude.To continue to thirteen goals, each with an over the top celebration is just poor sportsmanship. Not only the players on the field but also those on the benches. What was the coach thinking, why did she not move to tone down the outlandish behaviour? I sad testament to the USA soccer association. I believe it will now set the tone for the rest of the tournament, everyone will be cheering on the opponents. Only US citizens will cheer the US team. A very unfortunate outcome in such an amazing sporting contest.

God Bless and keep reading

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