Prince Edward Island Tourism!

This morning I was pondering on what to blog about today, when out of the blue PEI Tourism came to my aid. I was mildly surprise to receive a response to a recent comment I’d made on FB.  I was even more surprised by their FB retort and somewhat offended  by the tone of their response. It was clearly meant to be sarcastic, and is hardly what one expects from public servants. Below I have copied my original post and PEI Tourism reply.

Frederick Rodgers. PEI tourism ads fall short. Why feature an ad using half the time with Boomer Gallants face in it, use the time to feature the island. We know who Boomer is but tourist don’t and I’m sure it’s real island attractions that they want to see. Finally PEI Tourism take a page from Newfoundland tourist ads.

The reply from Tourism

Prince Edward Island Tourism. I’m glad you like the post Frederic


I find this attitude very disappointing, but it goes along way to confirming we Islanders shouldn’t be critical of their poorly thought out advertisements featuring the island. It is an attitude of, we know best so keep your nose out. I mentioned the Newfoundland ads as an example, and I’m sure if you have seen them would agree they are very good. I have no personal issues with Mr Gallant, I just think the whole TV spot should be used showing this beautiful island,  there is no reason why Boomer can’t narrate the ad. Just my thoughts, which obviously did not go down well with those at Tourism.

God Bless and keep reading

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