This was the response I finally received regarding payment to farmers from the Harvest Recovery Initiative. AsI look at the eligible recipents I see POTATO FARMERS listed and that concerns me. Irvings I imagine are the biggest potato farmers on the island or at least in name as farmers. If Im correct then they would get a very large portion of this fund.  Im not against farmers receiving aide but wonder why the tax payers have to bail out a huge multi million dollar corporation. I have asked the question, we will have to wait and see if I get an answer!!!!!

Good Afternoon Mr. Rodgers:
I am writing in response to your inquiry into the 2018 Canada-Prince Edward Island Fall Harvest Recovery Initiative that was recently announced. The Initiative is a response under the AgriRecovery Framework, which is part of the Federal Provincial Territorial Canadian Agricultural Partnership Agreement. The AgriRecovery Framework is in place to provide financial relief to agricultural producers in times of disaster. The 2018 Canada-Prince Edward Island Fall Harvest Recovery Initiative was built to cover the extraordinary costs associated with the excessive moisture and cold temperatures during the 2018 fall harvest.
To be eligible for financial relief under the Initiative, agricultural producers would have had to plant, in 2018, at least 2 acres of one of the eligible crops listed in the Terms and Conditions of the 2018 Canada-Prince Edward Island Fall Harvest Recovery Initiative. Eligible crops include beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, parsnips,- potatoes, and rutabagas.
The Department is still in the process of collecting applications for the AgriRecovery Initiative and agricultural producers have not yet received financial assistance.
More information on the Initiative, including payment categories and amounts, can be found in the program Terms and Conditions, available online at

My reply is below.

Wed 2019-08-07 7:00 PM
Minister Agriculture and Land

Thank you for your response and the info provided. Having read the eligibility requirements I would assume Irving’s/Cavendish farms would receive a large portion of this recovery initiative. If I’m correct and this is the case, I would ask why tax payers money be given to this multi million dollar corporation? Look forward to your further explanation.
Sincerely F.Ben Rodgers
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