Soccer and Quilts?

When I read Joan’s post regarding her beautiful quilt and the deep and loving sentiment it represented, it got me thinking. I too, have received a beautiful quilt from so many cherished friends. Sometimes we tend to forget the important things in life, however, I have never forgotten the amazing patience’s and work that went into making the quilt that I have owned for almost fifty years. I have cared for it and never used iton my bed. It is not always easy to display. Our home in Ebenezer had high ceilings and it was easy to hang. Now in our tiny home in Abram Village the walls are not tall enough to hang it full length. Had to fold part of it to make it fit, nevertheless, hung it is and I see it each night as I retire. I don’t know all who played a part it its creation, I think maybe Barb Simpson played a large roll. Each night I can see some of the names of the girls that played on our soccer team. I thank each and every one of you. Coaching the Hillis Oil Stars was the highlight of my life. Today its a cherish memory of the long ago happy times.


So people have been posting quilts lately and I’d like to share a quilt I was given by a group of ladies who loved Gerard and I,,more Gerard!! LoL. They sewed this with much love after his passing and I was truly amazed to receive it. I will treasure it for all my life!! It’s absolutely Beautiful! and They are Too!! Thanks Again

Thank you Joan for the memories, hope you didnt mind me using your post?

God Bless and keep reading


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