There is no difference!

It has been said many times, the liberals and PCs are no different, they just take turns at the trough. In fact, I stated quite recently that we shouldn’t get excited, considering the PCs are just one of the two old party’s that have ruled this province for more than 150 years. After the last election there was much ado, celebrating and cheering when Dennis King became Premier. He was proclaimed a great guy, one of the islanders story tellers, was admired and respected by many islanders. Many hailed King as being different, would do politics differently, a new era of island governing was about to dawn.  Well so far I have seen very little that is different? this latest Irving land purchase has apparently been approved by the government. Regardless of how the Irving’s  Circumvented the Lands Protection Act, not one politician has cried out in anger! Not one word from the premier or any of his members. The Guardian newspaper did report the facts in clear details but no other media mentioned it. On the islands daily TV news channel “Compass” it would seem it never happened. Many days have passed since this purchase took place,  yet no statement from the Premier, no excuses, no apologies, no blaming the previous liberals, no nothing! It’s business as usual, keep their heads down for a while and us stupid islanders will soon forget. This is beyond frustration! What are we to do to make our politicians work in our interest? How can we find men and women who aspire to good honest and open government, that is the big question. Sadly we are still getting the proverbial finger.             God Bless and keep reading

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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