More Clear Cutting

While out driving yesterday I came across two more clear cut areas. No clean up, and no re-planting. More than two weeks ago(Sept 28th 2019) I wrote letters to the Premier, Peter Bevan Baker and Robert Mitchell. I promptly received a reply from PBB but nothing from the other two.  Very disappointing, especially when the federal government are planning to plant two billion new trees to Combat climate change. Here on PEI it appears we have no regulations ( at least enforced ones) anyone can go out and clear whole areas of forest with no responsibility to clean up or re-plant. Why can this be allowed in our province while most of Canada are trying to save the forests or re-planting them. Dennis King the newly electedPremier promised to do government differently, he was smiling and shaking hands claiming collaboration between the party’s. So far very little appears to have changed, it seems more like more of the same. One gets that old familiar feeling, our provincial governments are afraid of the big corporations and go out of their way not to upset them. Why are we still awaiting action on the oh so very slow coming Water Act?? Why are we still waiting for our officials to reject the recent Irving land grab? Why are we waiting for the loop holes in the Lands Protection Act to be closed? Surely these are not difficult items to correct, if a citizen breaks the law he/she is quickly arrested. If I purchase land in a questionable transaction I’m sure it would be promptly challenged. Why if island citizens can’t be seen to violate provincial laws, others can, and indeed it seems, with complete impunity. It’s time the government started to govern for the people and not the corporations.

Response from Peter Bevan Baker
Thanks for copying me on this letter.
You bring forward many strong points in your note, and I have watched (and continue to watch) with dismay as some private land owners have clear cut and otherwise mismanage tracts of beautiful and important forest on our Island.
The crux of this matter – and it is a delicate and tricky thing – is what level of government regulation is appropriate or will be tolerated by private land owners. As you doubtless know, the history of this issue has been divisive and controversial on PEI for a very long time. I have recently been involved in monitoring and bringing attention to some damaging practices in the Evangeline area to accommodate a new ATV trail, and the wanton destruction I saw there was sickening. Outside buffer zones for waterways, there are currently no regulations that exist regarding forest management on private land on PEI.
I am copying Lynne Lund, our caucus critic for this area, and we will discuss and consider how best to approach this issue legislatively.
Best wishes to you,

God Bless and keep reading

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