Christmas in Outer Space!

Remembering Christmas’s from Years gone By.
Posted on December 110th 2019
by irishroverpei
It is at times like this that I miss my two adorable and beautiful daughters and feel sad that they have grown up and moved on. They were always our purpose in life, our reason for living. They have given us so many memories to cherish and fondly enjoy in our old age. Daughters are surely the most wondrous. gift from God
I realize many of you think I’m merely teasing or perhaps attempting to embarrass my young daughters via my blog. However ,you would be wrong, I enjoy retelling stories of both of my young daughters and their misadventures/adventures while growing up. My two girls were the light of my life and still are today, their childhood memories are forever my wondrous and priceless gift. Budge was born in Sudbury and as a baby she was a terrible sleeper, she cried a lot. Linda mentioned this to the doctor and he said she is probably hungry. He went on to explain that young baby’s can become spinal cords when hungry, their brain switches of and they just cry. His suggestion! stick her in a closet with a banana. We went through a lot of bananas after that, but of course the doctor was joking about the closet. Caroline was big into Barbie doll’s in those days and I believe that led my sister to buy Susannah a Barbie doll house for Christmas. Budge was soon to show us her interest in outer space when she turned the Barbie house into a Space Station, maybe it was Moon Base Alpha??? Can’t remember for sure because we regularly travelled into deep space after that with a variety of astronauts such as Capt Kirk, Luke Skywalker, the Borg etc etc. Later she promoted herself to the rank of Major and became Bionic but that will be a story for another day. In the meantime we still keep a supply of bananas on hand in case Budge comes to visit. Caroline never travelled into deep space! she was more into shopping at expensive stores. She liked nice dresses and nice cars!!!!!she likes jewellery and things that usually cost more than Star War toys!!!
God Bless and Happy New Year
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Remembering Christmas’s from Years gone By.
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