Cadet Instructor Cadre

I note that the former Commanding Officer Todd Bannister of the Charlottetown Army Cadet Corps has pleaded guilty to the latest charges of sexual misconduct. The fact these incidents occur comes as no surprise to me. I served twelve years in the CIC as Commanding officer of two separate island Sea Cadet Corps. During that time I saw so much inappropriate behaviour from CIC officers. There was then and no doubt still exists today, a serious lack of screening of potential officer candidates. I saw both male and female whom would not last five minutes in the regular forces. They were sloppy in uniform, dirty shirt collars, unruly hair, unshaven, scuffed shoes, I think you get the picture. These are the examples we set for our youth. Indeed most cadets turn out was excellent, smart uniform, boot shine that would blind you. Deportment and general behaviour without fault. In my time I saw a lot of inappropriate behaviour from CIC officers, much of it bordering on sexual. These were officers whom I kept a close eye on, they were the touchy-feely types around young female cadets. Over friendly, showing too much interest, always wanting to adjust a females uniform and so on. There were those who continually made inappropriate comments, not only to female cadets but female officers too. I believe the Canada Forces has a responsibility to protect the youth of the cadet program. This is an extraordinary opportunity for our youth, it offers a wonderful variety of training and experience. I would stress that not all CIC officers are below standard, but unfortunately too many are. I’m not sure what the answer is, and I also realize it can be difficult to recruit suitable candidates. Nevertheless, I think the recruiting of CIC officers should be a much more involved process. I enjoyed my time with the cadet program, and would do it all again. Yet I have too many memories of the political side of the program. Many of the problems stem from those at the Cadet Head Quarters who are mostly CIC and ex regular forces. God Bless and keep reading

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