MVI. Still no Response????

I began by first writing the Minister of Transportation Steven Myers on 27th November 2019,.wrote him a second time a week or two later, still no response? Wrote the premier opposition leader and liberal party leader December 6th 2019, no response. Allowing that it was the Christmas season and people were busy (even politicians apparently) I decided to wait until the New Year. Sent out the same letter to the same people early January 2020, only one recent response to date from leader of the liberal party Sonny Gallant. He stated he would raise the issue. While I appreciate his response I’m not holding my breath that the liberals will demand changes to the MVI. This issue was raised in 2013 when liberals were in power. The minister of transportation at the time was Paula Biggar and she said inspection of new cars was necessary because of all the manufacturer defects!! I have to give her credit for coming up with such an utterly nonsensical excuse!. I realize this is probably not one of the more outstanding issues facing government. Nevertheless, they are collecting taxes for a none required service that Islanders are paying for but not receiving. It needs to be changed to bring us into line with other Atlantic Provinces . I will remind government, the liberals were quick to agree to HST increased to 15% to bring us into line with other Maritime provinces. It’s time this MVI requirement on new vehicles be amended, it’s not something that needs a study, all that is required is changing the law with the stroke of a pen.

This is the letter send out several times

As we begin the new year of 2020 it is time our provincial government answered some questions on why motorists are being gouged. I want to begin with the motor vehicle inspection, I have no argument that cars need to be safety checked on a reasonable time schedule. However, why are we now the only Atlantic Province requiring a safety inspection on new vehicles? When a new car is purchased the owner has no choice but to pay the MVI fee on that purchase. The approximate cost is $35, but may vary from dealer to dealer. The individual dealership keeps a portion of the fee and the remainder goes to government. I’m not sure how this might be termed in legal speak, but to most people it would be considered fraud, or a fee for no service received. The MVI requires the following checks, remove front and rear wheel from car to check for brake pad/shoe wear. If rear brakes are drum type must pull one brake drum to check for shoe wear. Check front end parts for wear or damage, also check all brake gas lines and hoses, check exhaust system is in good condition with no leaks. Check body panels and floors for rust, check windshield glass for cracks or chips. Check wipers, horn and lights and rear view mirror are working correctly. Finally check all tires for tread wear. Did I miss anything? This is a mandatory requirement on every new vehicle sold on PEI. But does anyone really believe dealerships actually have their mechanics carry out all these checks on a new vehicle sitting in the showroom? I can only think the government is turning a blind eye to this unjustified revenue. One would think they are already collecting a fair amount of sales tax on not only new but used vehicle too. When is enough going to be , enough? Time this requirement was changed to match other Maritime Provinces.

In concluding I have to express my disappointment that I did not at the very least get a response from Peter Bevan Baker??????God Bless and keep reading

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