More on the Cadet Program.

The recent courts martial of a commanding officer of the Charlottetown Army Corps caused me to think of my own time in the program. I served for twelve years as CO of the Summerside Sea Cadet Corps and then created the newly formed Corps in Cumbria, BlueHeron Sea Cadet Corps. The most outrageous thing I saw during my time was this. The province has one Senior Cadet Officer (rank of Major-LCDR) and approximately 60 other officers of the three branches at various ranks. The senior position was a three year appointment and should have been selected from within the Provincial cadet officer cadre. However, two people with absolutely no connection to cadets or the CIC officer Corps were appointed in succession. First appointment was a retired Army Captain who wanted the promotion purely for selfish reasons. Next appointment was a retired naval Lieutenant, he too want the promotion just as much as the first one. These two people were close friends and saw this as an easy way to become senior officers. I launched a Redress, listing my reasons of objection. It first went to Cadet HQ Halifax, then slowly (slowly being the key word) up the chain of command. It took three years and was incredibly delayed more times than I can remember, for example the file slipped down behind the cabinet. Sorry it went to wrong office, was mis-address etc? By the time it reached The Defence Chief the second appointments had expired. I was assured all future appointments would follow the proper channels of CIC regulations. I have long since retired but believe the ACICO appointment is now strictly only goes to serving CIC officers. What a shame that the old boys club was allowed to exercise such control over the Cadet Program. God Bless and keep reading.

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