Legion Town Hall!

The president of Dominion Command will hold a town hall question and answer session in April 2020. I have already posed the question of doing away with right breast legion medals. It will be interesting to see how that is managed. However, the real question I intend to ask is this. The wearing of loved ones medals on the right breast by blood relatives. To date I have received abusive remarks, stonewalling and a host of extremely flimsy excuses. The legion favourite is this “if you didn’t earn it you can’t wear it”. I lived through the blitz, my father fought in the 1st World War and my brother in the Second World War. I served during the Cold War. To have my grandson/granddaughter wear my medals when I’m gone would be something special. They would be remembering me on the one special day of remembrance each year. I fail to see why the legion so strongly oppose this simple act of remembrance. If some veterans disagree, that is fine, they can hid their medals in a shoe box or a drawer. They can display them in a shadow box, some may even sell them on eBay. If a young boy or girl is allowed to wear their grandfathers medals it becomes educational. In many case the youth will want to know what the medals represent, that is learning history, be just family history. Please explain why this is considered a crime, why the legion support it so strenuously. My arguments are sound and sensible, difficult to oppose surely. Every veteran should be aware we are the only country in the Commonwealth where a blood relative can be arrested and put in jail for wearing a late loved ones medals! I have heard the response “aww the cops wouldn’t arrest a wee boy or girl” and yes that is probably true. So why is it so wrong to ask for an amendment to section 419 of the criminal code allowing blood relatives to wear these medals on Remembrance Day?? I ask all veterans reading this to please support me by demanding the amendment.
I would also ask if you would share this far and wide. Thank you one and all for your support —————- You may wonder why I posted two photos of associate members. It is worth noting these are the guys opposed to changing the law. They both civvies neither have served a day in uniform, yet they are adorned in (not real medals) their many legion medals. On Remembrance Day what would the average citizen think when seeing these two associates parading and saluting wearing a chest full of legion medals??? Hero’s/veterans ??? What do you think?

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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