First Nations?

First Nations is a questionable term! Who was the First Nation anywhere first? I certainly don’t know the answer and I doubt anyone else does either. Nevertheless the first people to settle on land and make it home must surely have rights to that land. The white settlers swept aside the indigenous peoples from lands they had lived on for thousands of years. It was called colonization. The indigenous people were considered savages, uneducated, unchristian and clearly unworthy of their land. Growing up in Belfast in 1950 ( and elsewhere)boys were conditioned by cowboy movies. I didn’t understand it was propaganda, not much different to the Hitler Youth. We cheered when the cavalry rode over the hill to save the good guys from the nasty savages.  We played games of cowboys and Indians, cowboys always won. We tried to look like cowboys, wore a toy six shooter and hat etc. At no time were the Indians portrayed as good people, a few of course helped the white man. The majority were resentful and did not trust what they were promised. Generally they were regarded as a nuisance, settlers believed themselves the rightful owners of the land. Indian act after Indian act merely shifted the tribes off the prime land to reservations. People were conditioned to believe the Indians were ungrateful savages that could not be trusted. So here we are today, our First Nations are flexing their muscles and demanding their laws be respected. Most of these laws were put in place by their colonial masters many decades ago. Indigenous peoples have a wonderful history of caring for nature. Of protecting the land, water and air, of taking only what they need. The Canadian land was abundant with wildlife, fresh clean water, lush green plains. Everything that was needed for human survival. However, not enough for the greed of the white man. Which brings us to this time, the white man still takes everything he can squeeze from the land. We don’t call him a white man, now he is known as a major corporation, and we have many greedy corporation . Our governments are in the pockets of these corporations and do their masters biding. Is it any wonder people are rising up in protest, demanding changes, demanding rights be recognized. Alas, the cavalry has been replaced by the RCMP and other police authorities. Heavily armed government authorized enforcers are there to intimidate and scare citizens. One could ask how much have we learned from our history. Not much from what I see happening now. Seems we are being ruled by force of arms. What is the answer? How do we change this intolerable situation? Perhaps, we could start by electing people to government as independents with no old party ties. People like you and, people that care about this wonderful land. People who are not afraid to make changes. Alas it’s probably just a pipe dream, but still a dream! God Bless and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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