April Fools Day!

Having just heard Jason Kenny announce a 1.5 billion investment in the Keystone pipeline. Plus a further 6 billion on future loan guarantees I checked my calendar. Yes indeed it was April first! April Fools Day. But wait! Kenny is serious he has invested 1.5 billion in this pipeline project. I can’t believe it, why do we have to pay a big oil corporation to buy our oil?? I’m no financial expert, indeed my only knowledge of the oil business was learned watching the Beverly Hillbilly’s. I recall they discovered oil on their property and the oil company paid them making them millionaires. So why does Kenny have to pay big oil corporations vast sums of money to buy our oil? Seems to me we have the oil and if an oil company want to buy it they come to us. Kenny tries to justify this huge investment by telling us we will enjoy extra jobs and a 30 billion profit somewhere off in the distant future. The big oil guys claim we will still be using huge amounts of oil fifty years from now. Well they would say that wouldn’t they. I have to ask the question who is the April Fool, is it me? or is the Albertans who will be still paying for this huge deficit long after I’m gone. In this big oil deal clearly some greedy palms are being well greased. God Bless and keep reading.

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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