Letters to my MLA

Having read through all these emails I’m confident that at no time was I rude in delivering my message.

Good Day Sonny
Here it is, the 1st June 2020 and you have still failed to respond to my emails. I find it extremely disappointing and difficult to understand your silence? I’m not writing to have my road paved, I’m not looking for a job and I’m not asking for a favour. I expressing my concerns over the serious clear cutting happening in our District. This is an important issue that you should at least acknowledge, indeed you should be equally as concerned as I’m. Its not so much the clear cutting as the dreadful mess that is left behind. There is no attempt at clean up and definitely no attempt to re-plant. Surely you can see or at least understand. .If we allow the continuing rape of our woodlands we will eventually end up with no woodland. I refuse to believe that government have no power to place restrictions on clear cutting or a rule requiring re-planting. Finally, If you continue to ignore my concerns, you need to ask yourself why you are politician. Is it for the right reasons, or just for your personal benefit? To date I have the impression you are ignoring my concerns and have no Interest in caring for this beautiful province.
Once Again Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers. Abram Village. PE


Good morning Sonny. Why you have decided to ignore my concerns only you can answer. I do understand I’m not a liberal supporter or indeed one of your favourite people. However, you are my government representative whether you or I like it. It is your duty to represent all your constituents regardless who they vote for. My concerns are important to many, and should be important to you too. The government is proposing to destroy the Royalty Oaks for yet another roadway and more traffic. Surely you can see my concerns are directly connected to this issue. Trees are important and protecting them is essential if we are to survive. If you are truly a member of the legislature to represent and help islanders. Then perhaps by defending the islands dwindling forest land would be a good place to show your concerns. I hope you will take a moment to consider the facts I have stated. Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers.
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Good Morning Sonny
I realize your are busy with the opening of the legislature, and indeed was impressed with your remarks regarding opening the island to away cottages owners. Nevertheless, I was hoping you would find time to acknowledge my email. The wood lot clear cutting may not be a Government priority but is still a very important issue. I wish to see it addressed while we still have a forestry to care for. I look forward to your response


A Letter to Save our Trees
Posted on May 19, 2020
by irishroverpei
To: sjgallant@gov.pe.ca
Cc: psbevanbaker@assembly.pe.ca, bgtrivers@assembly.pe.ca, Wayne Easter , premier@gov.pe.ca
Subject: Clear Cutting

Good morning Sonny
As the legislature sits shortly, I considered this a good time to share with you, my concerns. If you travel this district as I do, you may already be aware of the growing number of clear cut gaps in our forests. It is being done without due care, they take the best and leave behind a mess of debris and twigs. There is never any attempt to clear the area and re-plant with seedlings. Some time ago I contacted the Minister of Environment (Brad Trivers) and was informed Government have no control over private wood lots. I considered that a typical government way to avoid blame. It is a poor excuse! If I want to build on my land I require a government permit. I’m required to follow environmental rules and building codes. Why can this not apply to wood lot owners, they should require a permit and follow environmental guide lines to clear the area and re-plant. In this time of climate crisis trees have become a major factor in fighting the rising carbon levels. The Prime Minister recently declared his government would plant a billion trees in the battle against climate. Is our Provincial government allowing the opposite to happen on the island? These people doing the clear cutting are not foresters, they are raping the Forest. They care not for future generations, it’s all about making a buck now and to hell with the future. It is time for serious action to curb the destruction of what is left of our woodlands. We do not need studies or panels to discuss, we need immediate action. We have four Liberal MPs and if they are following the PMs programs should be involved in preventing further destruction of our trees. I hope you will take my concerns seriously, indeed all MLAs should take this seriously. Please raise the issue at the next sitting of the legislature. I will watch with interest. Sincerely Submitted. F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE .
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