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Mak Anthony’s post this morning about the legion not about veterans, it’s all about membership recruiting. It fits well with my blog subject today. Maritime Noon is a popular lunch time radio show, they host a variety of experts, example auto repair, appliances, painting and gardening. Yesterday I wasn’t listening until I heard the word Legion! I didn’t get names but listened carefully for the last 35 minutes of the show. It seems we had two legion members at the radio station with the broadcaster. One was a female from Cape Breton and the male member I assume was from central Nova Scotia. They were doing most of the talking about the wonderful work legions do in there communities.They referred to local branches as the cornerstone of their communities. They were the centre of these communities hosting weddings, special services and events and providing funds to rinks cadets etc. They talked about how the legions looked after their veterans, how they gave youth bursaries, adding, probably most citizens wouldn’t know that. (Tom Eagles and his sons did!!).During these times it was difficult to deliver the programs and they needed help from the local people. They urged you to Join the legion even if you can only give a hour or two a month, it will all help. The word join and volunteer popped up again and again. This also a phone in show, low and behold we received two veterans calling in. Can you guess? Was this orchestrated? The first call was apparently a 30-40 year veteran. He was offered a one year free membership when he left the service, then he stayed because of the comradeship etc etc. He also mentioned he found a Facebook page, “take back the legion” he was excited and joined the group. Alas it was just a small bunch of complainers! Not people interested in promoting the veterans or the legion. The next call was from a similar long time serviceman. He said he only joined two years ago because  he thought legions were just for old guys! He raved about the Legion activities, his branch had a gaming room? No not gambling this was a room full of video games where younger vets could compete with each other. The theme throughout this show was recruit, volunteer, join, help us we are a great organization etc etc. It really made me angry listening to the BS, how they look after veterans, make sure they are being cared for. They deliver fruit baskets to the sick, provide help in so many ways. It’s strange I never received my fruit basket or get well card.  Maybe like that old adage “ the cheque is in the mail” my get well card is also in the mail. However, it’s even stranger that the show received only two call ins, positive call ins at that???Most of these noon shows get lots of call ins, but not this one eh? Oh ! And finally they repeatedly said thank you for your service!

God Bless and keep reading.

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  1. Evelyn Dickson-Park says:

    It certainly is “all about the memberships” and never so apparent when problems are dealt with (not dealt with) within RCL.

    In the past, I’ve seen some of our naughty little RCL branches in the news & I didn’t understand how things could be left to get that bad at those branches; but, as life would have it, one isn’t left to to “wonder” too long with a very good dose of reality to see how things can get so bad and finally on how the RCL disrespects a Veteran’s service.

    We have learned that as the as long as the “naughty little behaviours” don’t bring too much attention …….it’s “CARRY ON COMRADES” ignoring bylaws and bending to a small group (paying memberships) who are more interested in their own agendas.

    Eventually, I expect that MBNWO Command’s refusal to take its jurisdiction over our branch will be met with the disapproval of other, more well-intentioned Commands, perhaps even in your area (however, not naive in sense that this won’t happen until some well-timed publicity is used) but my point is:

    COUNTING memberships over good governance, adherence to bylaws, and decent human behaviour is NEVER the best long-term solution for an organization.

    When considering membership – it’s a matter of “quality” vs “quantity”. The “quality” of the membership determines the culture of RCL; whereas the “quantity” of the membership determines Dominion’s and other Command’s salaries.

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