Morneau Resigns

Bill Morneau Minister of Finance has resigned, claims he only ever intended to do two terms. It is more than likely it was to ensure he qualified for the rich pension. He once claimed his (actually he hasn’t completed two terms, just five years to date)

goal was to become Prime Minister? Did he resign? or was he booted out, probably the latter. Yet this guy who claims he would only serve two terms in public life is now after another plum job in Europe. A five year term in Paris France? well I suppose he has remembered he has a villa there. I thought he ran a business in Nova Scotia? Then I remembered he hired that twit Wes Sheridan, so he is probably running it now!!!! (into the ground). Clearly we are not going to learn the truth about this issue. Just like all the issues of ethics and scandals of this Liberal government led by Trudeau. The whole thing is a crock and few if any Canadians believe a word of it.  Easter and MacAulay probably believe it.  My God! where do we go from here, there are no promising candidates on the horizon. We really do need to shifted to proportional representation and save this amazing nation.

God Bless and keep reading

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