Ottawa must help Legions?NOT

This headline appeared in the opinion page, Saturday 5th Sept edition of the Guardian.. The article paints a very warm and cozy picture of today’s legions. However, that picture is not at all accurate. Most of today’s legions are merely local watering holes, very few if any veterans will be found in them. They are filled with lotto machines and an ATM to keep the cash flowing. The majority of local legions are operated by civilians who have created their own award system of wearing legion medals. They appear as veterans to the unsuspecting public, yet most have never served a day in the military. Veterans have for many years fought a losing battle to save the purpose of the original Royal Canadian Legion. Stolen valour is also prevalent in some branches, civilian members wearing medals and posing as real veterans. There has also been many questions raised about the misuse of the Poppy fund . The fund is intended strictly for veterans or members of their families. Today’s local legion branches depend on alcohol and lotto machine for their income. Some may disagree, and that is their right, but maybe take a moment to ask a veteran. There are as many veterans in Canada today as at the end of the Second World War. Yet the membership of veterans in the legions is (estimated)barely 35% of the roughly 200,000 total membership. That alone should give one pause to question why the legion should receive help from tax payers.   PS. As an example – Photo of Tom Eagles, former President Dominion Command, wears a total of 13 medals, and never served a single day in uniform.
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