Egads!! Not another study of the Water Act???

Good grief how many more studies before our Province finally gets a Water Act??? Brad Trivers  had some very good proposals when he was Minister of Environment. However the new Minister (Jameson)disagrees with those proposals? Seems like the people pulling the strings have her under their control. The Premier wants to get it right, no Water Act until he is satisfied with the facts. This is becoming ludicrous, how much more info do they need? Now we are arguing over soccer fields and golf courses. I seriously doubt those two issues combined would come close to the water used on potato fields. When will we have a government that will seriously take action. The Water Act has been on books for several years, now we are been told UPEI will do another study that will take until 2024. In the meantime Irving will continue pumping our precious water into his holding ponds.
I find it very odd that the radio interview did not mention or ask about the Dunk River deal. The government gave approval to pump water from the River, even though it was already well below acceptable levels for a healthly River. Yet King states he wants to get it right this time (Water Act) but does the opposite allowing extraction from the Dunk. I sincerely hope the PCs do not win the Winslow by election, we do not need this government winning a majority government.

God Bless and keep reading.

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