The One Dollar Deal

We are now well into 2022 and still no one seems to see anything wrong with the Tim Banks deal! When after sitting on this property for more than a decade he suddenly sells it to the Province for one dollar???? The Minister of Health (hasn’t been seen recently) was crowing over this wonderful purchase. He claims he intends building the all-new Medical Home at a cost of $25 million on this site. However, that can only happen after the old building is torn down. The school is full of asbestos and will cost 2.5 million to demolish. After the Health Ministers announcement, Banks declared, he is going to build a large apartment complex with some affordable units on the cleared land? A couple of important question to be asked, why didn’t Banks demolish the building himself? He could surely have built more than one apartment complex with the extra acreage. Why could the Province not have found a suitable property elsewhere in Summerside at a lower cost than 2.5 million? Was it perhaps the cost of the demolition and asbestos removal that motivated Banks to sell for one dollar to the Province?  Was it the fact the Summerside council were involved in this deal by agreeing to add an access road to these proposed new apartments. A lot of unanswered questions, but no elected official seems prepared to ask them. Why is this allowed to happening, if I can see this purchase as questionable why can’t our MLAs. Finally, I would like to mention a little about this new buzz word “affordable Units” no one seem sure what is considered affordable. If fact Tim Banks has recently run into an issue with the Charlottetown City Council over this.  Apparently, his take on affordable units defers from that of the Charlottetown City council. This has either put a stop to or delayed the plans to build at the rear of Polyclinic site.  Something is really beginning to smell bad in Summerside. As a concerned citizen and tax payer I feel obliged to question these recent purchases.God Bless and keep readingAuthor of LILY & ME , and THE ROYAL NAVY & ME
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