Premiership League

I expect many people will have no idea what the Premiership league is? Understandable, if you are not soccer fan. However, it is considered the best league in the World. It is coming to close for the 2021-22 season and becomes vital for several teams. It’s important who wins the league, which presently is a race between two. Teams. They are separated by just one point, only needs one to slip, draw or lose and it’s over.
 it is also important for the top four in the standings, they qualify for the European Championship league next season. It is equally important for the bottom three teams because they are relegated to the lower league for the next season. Hence several teams hovering in or near the bottom fight for their lives not to end up in the bottom three places. Makes the last four or five remaining games very competitive and exciting. Indeed todays games were extremely tough games, Everton in danger of relegation defeated Chelsea 1-0 a great result. At the other end Arsenal defeated West Ham 2-1 to stay in four top over Tottenham who are two points behind them. Lots of tension, nail biting, praying and likely high blood pressure. But no real fan can look away!
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