Robert Morrisey is PROUD

I never bother to read these Morrissey bragging reports that show up in my mail box on a regular occurrence. However, to day I decided to read this very fancy and probably expensive brochure. It also occurred to me that through my taxes I’m probably paying for it too. Well beginning on the first page,  he goes on at length explaining how much he and the federal government have done for Egmont. Four or five times he declares how proud he is of all his accomplishments. He talks of the Green projects and how he has been involved in so many environmental improvements..He makes claim to the great help he and his government have achieved in helping seniors, saving on prescription drugs and meds. Hmm, I must be missing something because my meds cost in the region of $1000 dollars last year. I have seen no reduction in my insulin costs, certainly seen no obvious improvement in health care. Has Robert Morrissey checked in at the emergency rooms of the QEH or PCH lately? Regarding these green projects he is so proud of. Well big timber trucks are still seen most days hauling the precious trees out of Egmont? Was it not the Prime Minister who stated his government would plant a billion trees across Canada. I would have thought curbing the clear cutting of trees in this province might have been included in the tree planting program. That would actually be something Bobby could really claim to be proud of. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery why he is apparently so proud of the above mentioned subjects. Perhaps he should look up the meaning of the word proud before he uses it so extensively in his next brochure.
God Bless and keep reading

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