Losing Doctors??

We continue to lose doctors, the island health profession is in crisis. We have a desperate shortage of nurses, residential care workers, mental health professionals. Yet no one in government seems capable of explaining why. I certainly don’t know why, however,  I can offer one possible example of why. Too much government interference at almost every level. Some time ago I suffered with a very rare blood disease. My GP said it was so rare most doctors would never come across it in their entire career. I was treated by a newly arrived specialist at the cancer treatment centre. After many tests he told me I need chemo therapy treatment. This is when the little self important power broker men intervened. Chemo is not covered because the disease is not cancer. Here I was being treated at the cancer treatment centre, but my treatment wasn’t covered. I phone the health board to inquire why I was not eligible for chemo. A Roy Cairns, the pharmacy consultant told me they had dozens of cases like mine and none were covered. When I explained how extremely rare my blood disease he changed his answer. Well maybe not dozens but several cases and they were all turned down. The specialist was outraged by this nonsense, and suggested I go to New Brunswick? He could arrange for me to see his counterpart there, he would reach the same diagnoses and I would be treated there. However, while I was grateful to him, it would have been very difficult travelling across for several treatments, plus my health was not good at the time. Finally we raised enough money to pay for the chemo, and my health recovered. Shortly after this the specialist left PEI, he had been here approximately one year. He was wonderful Doctor very smart and knowledgeable. True to island politics this great Doctor was lost to our province. Too much government interference, maybe not the only reason, possible money too. Whatever the reasons it seems no one in government is able to resolve the issues. So the health care crisis will in all likelihood continue until we elect people who will really care.
God Bless and stay healthy.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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